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...Without the crazy cost!

The Expert App

One of the best ways to understand the technology we created is to download the app we created to demonstrate this technology, which we of course call "The Expert App." Find it on iPhone and Android app stores by clicking the icons below.

Not only will you get to play with this app technology but we use this app as a place to educate and train our expert app owners on ways they use our technologies to the fullest.

Apple App Store (iPhone)

Google Play Store (Android)

About App Bros...

The App Bros are actual brothers from the same mother... Robert Evans and Mark Evans. Both having very different life paths and backgrounds from two different worlds these two found common ground in starting a mobile app technology company that set out to solve the cost and quality issue that the "expert industry" was limited by in moving their business in the app space.

Robert Evans has a nearly 20 years in digital marketing and personal development space and is a lifetime entrepreneur. Mark Evans has always been a wiz at the computer serving the corporate world for over 20 years. The combination of Mark's ability to turn Robert's vision into a reality offers this industry the most powerful and most valued packed app platform available today.

In the 20 years of serving the expert/messenger space Robert has built several very successful digital marketing companies and "bucket list" based businesses and projects. One of his previous companies, The Messenger Network, was one of the largest 'messenger' training companies serving over 130k people around the world teaching them how to find and share their message. Robert also built a international travel company where he lead trips around the world for experts, entrepreneurs, and messengers offering them a way teach their message on international stages and make a difference in people's lives through a variety of humanitarian projects. Locations included places like Liberia Africa, Ecuador, Costa Rica, New Zealand and unique parts of the US.

Currently Robert travels with his dog Chloe in a converted sprinter van helping experts learn how to leverage the app space to reach more people, have a greater impact in more lives and make more money in a time where digital marketing has become so critical.

Robert is available for interviews and talks at your events to teach on the importance of using apps as a primary marketing tool. Email him at Robert@AppBrosDesign.com

About the platform

Having your own custom mobile app is fast becoming a necessity for a business because the mobile app world has now become the most effective marketing platform available today. To develop an effective app most businesses will spend 10's of thousands of dollars or they will forgo it completely because of this cost. With the Expert App we solve this problem without compromising features and effectiveness. Key components include...

White Label & Branded to Your Business

With Expert App you get a high end native mobile app branded and white labeled to your business. Not only will it have your brand on it but it will be offered under your own app developer account so it's all focused on your business.

A Dynamic Mobile App Environment

Each Expert App is connected to it's own web portal database account so you can add content to your app whenever you want. This means that your app is never stale and will entice visitors to come back to it often.

A Powerful Content Delivery Platform

This app technology shares all types of content from video, audio, articles, journals, Q&A's, galleries, e-courses, live streams and more. Plus you can add content to your app that only certain users can see.

Unlimited Membership Options

You are have 100% flexibility on showing content to everyone, free members, groups you tag, or even down to an individual client. Use your app to generate revenue from a continuity program or just serve your clients in a unique way.

platform features

Here is some of what the Expert App is able to offer and share with users who download your app (click on buttons below for more details on each main feature or the images to expand them)...

Customize Home Screens

Offer a Wide Range of Content

Allow Users To Ask Your Questions

Member Content Screen

Organize Content By Categories

Multi-lesson Course Module

Build a Resource or Client Directory

Offer Powerful Journal Lessons

Track Books, Cards, & Special Offers

Provide a Unique Tracking Concept

List and Feature Your Events

Interactive Lessons to Personalize Content

Event Details for In-Person or Virtual

Bio Screen w/ Links to Social Media

Article, Videos, Audio, Podcast Screens

Member Management Screen

Plus... full web portal to add content, designed for both iPhone and Android, integration with email marketing, complete membership flexibility, and more!

some Apps Using This Platform

These Apps are either available now or coming soon to App Stores. There are over 50 Experts Starting to use this platform now! Over 110 Apps And Counting

Content Sharing

Content Sharing Platform

Content is Key to Getting Visits

Having an app that offers content on a regular basis to entice a user to come back to it often is one of the most powerful ways for you to consistently engage with your users. Since this is a dynamic app, which means content expands as you add it, then you can create this connection with ongoing content.

are you a content creator?

If you are already creating content then this is the perfect place to share it and get more people accessing it. Write blog posts? Add then to your app. Record videos? Add them too. How about pictures, audio files, podcasts, FAQ's, Journal Lessons, or livestreams? It does it all.

invite guest experts to offer content

Here's a great strategy to build your tribe and downloads... invite other experts you know or are like-minded to contribute content to your app. They get exposure to your app users and return they can tell their tribe about being featured in your app, which generates downloads for you!

create and offer e-courses

Multi-Lesson e-Course Technology

create self-guided courses

E-Courses are an excellent way to to not only reach more people with your message, without always trading time for money, but when you put it at their fingertips on thier phone, in your app, you'll get more people going through your entire course. Our e-course technology is built into every expert app so you can create mult-lesson courses to impact more people instantly.

create passive income

You can offer courses for free or put a charge on your course by charging a fee on your site to take the course (this avoids having to pay Apple and Android a 30% commission. Create small or big courses. Charge $10 to $199 or more. You are in control of your courses.

app directory

create a powerful directory - clients, resources, etc

app marketing

push notifications

Viral Marketing with cards & books

The tracking system

Books, Cards, & Unlock Codes

Client support

creating offer codes & personal messages

Membership environment

Customizable Membership Technology

Built In member content section

Every expert app has a built in membership option where users can register for a free account and unlock additional free content. This helps customize the experience you would like for them (send member content notifications) and builds your list by linking the registration to your email management accounts.

custom member tagging

Let's say you work with groups of people or individual clients... you can use your app to deliver content just to them. Most content you can add to the app (videos, articles, audio, journals, questions, galleries and more) can be tagged and when you tag a member that tag they are the only ones who see it. You can even add a video for ONE person to see by using this tagging.

offer recurring programs

With your apps flexible and robust membership technology you can sell monthly or yearly membership programs (continuity programs) to generate passive income for your business. Run as many as you want and have as many levels as you want.

the tracka' viral
marketing technology

The goal with most businesses or messages is to get people sharing what you offer or teach to people they know. We want to go viral! The Expert App platform has a custom built viral marketing concept built into and linked to products that people are not only given a way to share but are inspired to share with the people around them.

There are two products that can link into your app...

The Tracka'Book™ & Tracka'Card™

Since you are an expert why not publish a small, simple marketing book that drives people to your app. This is what a Tracka'Book is and anyone, whether they are an author or not, can write and use these books as a way to position yourself uniquely in the marketplace and drive people to your app.

Here's how this works...

People get your book and read it (always a quick concise read on your business knowledge or message).Then are instructed in the to download your app to "track" this book, see where it's been and where it will go after they pass it along.They get a huge bonus in that they now have access to valuable content from you in the app and you benefit from them now being a user of your app.Then they pass the book on to someone else to read, track, and access this content just like they did and everyone enjoys the mini-movements your books are creating.

Expert App Vs. 6.0
Starting to Upgrade May 15th

The video below is of a call held on April 30th covering the details of the new Expert App, the new features it offers, marketing improvements, and the process and costs to upgrade your app. If your app has been built (meaning you have connected with Mark and he has actually built your app), then this upgrade fee will apply. If you recently signed up and you are in process of launching your app then you will automatically get this new app as long as you are able to wait until after May 15th to have your app launched.

For Questions email me at Robert@AppBrosDesign.com

Expert App 2019 Special
AMPx "Friend" Package

This special offer package is available at this special price until the end of 2019. As of January 1st the new 2020 pricing comes into effect increasing the native app package by an additional $2k.

Here is a breakdown of the package...

The Expert App Platform...

  • Full launch of this native app technology on both iPhone and Android platforms

  • Assigned project manager to manage entire launch process for you so you focus only on content gathering for your app

  • Your custom app will include ALL features of the platform, including... content sharing, membership portal, ecourse technology, Tracka'Book and Card system, Offer Code Tracking, Push Notification integration, and more.

  • Includes the App Directory feature to help monetize your app with and for your clients and collaborations.

  • 2 Page Listing inside a Tracka'Book Directory + Training on how to launch your own directory and make money while driving massive traffic to your app.

  • No monthly costs, no yearly renewal... 1 time licensing for this part of the package (good only until Jan 1st 2020).

AMPx Bonuses...

  • EZcard Premium Package - includes an affiliate account so you can monetize your app directory with EZcards.

  • 2-Page Listing in a Tracka'Book Directory (you choose which one)

  • 1000 Custom Tracka'Cards

  • Tracka'Card "5 Free" listing building funnel

  • E-Course Creation Account to create and sell your own e-courses through the Personal Development App

  • 3-Month Marketing Mastermind with Robert, Trevor and Travis

  • 3-part Live Training with Robert and Greg Sanders on how to monetize your app with EZcards.

Today's Cost...
$2995 or 2 Payments of $1550

Questions About The Expert App? Email Robert@appbrosdesign.com
Questions About EZcard? Email Greg@ezcard.com

e-course technology

Digital content is always a bedrock for established and successful experts offering wisdom for the world to experience. The most powerful and effective way to deliver concise digital content is to create and offer an e-course. However, convenience in taking the course is critical in today's crazy busy world and with people having their phones with them all the time it make sense to deliver a course through an app.

The Expert App Platform offers that option by using a custom designed e-course technology for you to create and deliver courses in your app.

D.I.Y. Expert App Launch

Step-by-step process for building,
loading & launching your Expert App

What makes the Expert App so unique and valuable is each app is built in the same way a custom app is built. What this means is the quality and reliability of the app is much greater than the drag and drop template apps, plus this process ensures your app will be approved by apple. So the steps below will guide you through the process and allows you to speed up the launch time. Make sure to follow the steps preciously because if you don't then it will delay your app launch. Watch the video at the bottom for an overview of each step.


Icon & App Design

This first form will get our designers what is needed to design your App icon, App loading screen & overall color scheme.
Make sure your logo is high-resolution before submitting the design form (if you don't have a logo, you can request a quote from our designer to design one for you)

Once you have submitted the Design form with COMPLETE info, pick a time in our calendar for our designer to start working on your App design:

Once we get started, we will setup your FREE exclusive account in our ⚡AMP community for App setup support & next steps:

Expert resources/tools, peer collaboration & community support around content creation, App marketing & more!


Setup App Store Accounts

In this step you will be setting up your Apple and Android accounts and then fill out our Developer Account form so we can link your app to your accounts.

Setup your Apple Account - Your Apple account will be linked to your Apple ID you use with your current device (here are instructions for if you don't have an Apple device)Setup your Android account - We suggest you setup a new Gmail address for your Android account (we will be needing login info for both accounts)

Only after you have signed off on your design mockups and have setup your developer accounts do you take this step. In this step we build your App and get you access to your content portal.

You will be contacted by Mark who will setup a brief call with you to link your app accounts to your app and build it so you can download the app to your phone (NOTE: please have your Apple & Android login info handy for this call)Mark will create the Database and send you an email on how to access your "Content Portal" in case you want to go ahead and start adding content yourselfYou will not see content in your app until you or us have added content but you will have the app on your phone ready to view when this is done


Submit Your Content

The last major step before your app is ready to review and schedule to launch on the app store is for you to get us the minimum amount of content needed to be approved by Apple.

We suggest you gather together all content first before adding it to the content form (view minimum content needed to get your app approved)Submit your content so we LOAD IT FOR YOU below (or you can load your content yourself directly into your content portal, which you got access to in the previous step. We provide videos to show how to use each part of the content portal)

Once you have submitted the content form with COMPLETE info, pick a time in our calendar to have our team load your app:


Store Listing & Final Review

Fill out the Store form below to give us all the info we need to create your listing in the Android and Apple App Stores.

Once your app content is loaded (either by you or our team) you will see that content in your app, which you should have gotten access to in Step 2

Next, our team needs to review your app to ensure that it is ready and complete enough to get approval on the app store, AND make sure there is nothing that will trigger a rejection by Apple:


Launch your App!

Congratulations! You've completed the steps and now your app is ready to be submitted to Apple and Google Play app stores. We always handle this process for our clients because of the complications and approaches needed to be taken with Apple and Android.

All you have to do is pick an open "App Launch" time slot to automatically put yourself in line to have your app submitted on the next available date:

Schedule your Spotlight Interview with us about your new Expert App:

Each episode focuses on one expert and the app they are releasing into the world, and the ways you can use their app to live a more extraordinary life or build a more successful business (the video will go up on AppMemberPro.com and in the Shows section of The PDA app)

Send us your ideas and
app features wish list...

Most of you know that next month we will be releasing the newest upgrade to the Expert App with the most changes and improvements to the platform since we launched it over a year and half ago. We are in the final stages of adding in new features, which is too many to list on this page, and will be wrapping up and closing down changes within the next week.

Before we do that I'd like to ask you for your ideas and wish list of features or functionality you'd like to see so we can decide whether to add them to this update, whether we already did, or possibly the next update in the Fall. If you'd like to submit your ideas to me then use the form below. I'll let you know if any of your ideas are already included in this next version and soon we will get you details on how to upgrade.


Back to Pricing and Options Page




Dynamic Database



White Labeled Branded



Content Sharing Platform



Membership Technology



Content & Client Tagging



Content Unlock Codes



Livestream Integration



Push Notifications



Unlimited Topics



Custom Journal Lessons



Custom Call to Action Bars



Tracka'Card Technology



eCourse Technology



eCourse Unlock Codes



Tracka'Book Technology



Gallery & eBook Reader



Special Offer Codes



Tips and Posts



Custom Directory Section



3rd Party Integration*



The Best Platform
at the best price!

unlimited license pricing

To reduce the cost of leveraging a cutting edge Custom Branded mobile app for your business we decided to build the Expert App as a "Platform" that we can white label and brand to your business. We license this platform to you to use as your own app that you offer on app stores under your own store account, but at a fraction of the cost.

This approach also saves you upwards of $500 a month in online services you'd pay for to do the same thing, less effectively, online; such as membership technology, ecourse technologies, funnel software and more.

A license allows us to give you a $180k+ app (actual quotes we have gotten) at a fraction of that cost BUT without compromising the features or the effectiveness of the app.

We offer this app to the small businesses and the experts who don't have the big budgets to develop apps from the ground up, plus with our app instead of taking months or longer to build we can have it ready for you to start inputting content in just a matter of a couple weeks!

New 6.0 Version - Click For PDF Details

pricing for Base and Pro options

Compare Features Here

PRO Version

Pay in Full and Save!


$199 Yearly Maintenance Fee

3-Payment Option

$1650 x 3

$199 Yearly Maintenance Fee

Deposit + 10 Month Plan


Plus 10 monthly payments of $495 until license is paid in full ($199 maintenance fee applies)

One-Time License fee with small yearly maintenance fee of $199ALL 6.0 featuresDONE FOR YOU - build, load and launchFull Web Portal To Manage App ContentAccess to Video & Live Trainings and support site

Deposit of $1650 with two more monthly payments 1 month apart.Yearly maintenance fee of $199ALL 6.0 featuresDONE FOR YOU - build, load and launchFull Web Portal To Manage App ContentAccess to Video & Live Trainings and support site

Deposit of $1000 with two more monthly payments 30 days apart.Yearly maintenance fee of $199ALL 6.0 featuresDONE FOR YOU - build, load and launchFull Web Portal To Manage App ContentAccess to Video & Live Trainings and support site

BASE Version

Get Started and Build From Here

Compare Features Here

Expert App Platform BASE


$199 Yearly Maintenance Fee

2-Payment Option

$1295 x 2

$199 Yearly Maintenance Fee



Choose options to add to base app (Note: PRO app above has ALL options and will save you $)

One-Time License fee with small yearly maintenance fee of $199ALL BASE 6.0 featuresWe design and launch app for you. You load app with guidance.Full Web Portal To Manage App ContentAccess to Video & Live Trainings and support site

Deposit of $1295 with one more monthly payments 1 month apart.Yearly maintenance fee of $199ALL BASE 6.0 featuresWe design and launch app for you. You load app with guidance.Full Web Portal To Manage App ContentAccess to Video & Live Trainings and support site

Deposit of $1000 with two more monthly payments 30 days apart.ALL BASE 6.0 featuresWe design and launch app for you. You load app with guidance.Full Web Portal To Manage App ContentAccess to Video & Live Trainings and support site

FAQs About Pricing and Financing

Here is some important information about ordering your own custom Expert App...

What does it mean to "License" this platform? We built this technology as a "Platform" that we license instead of us charging 10's of thousands of dollars to create an app for you from the ground up. We thought of pretty much everything that will make this a powerful and effective app for you and since the app will be white labeled to you, offered by you in your own account on the app store, we need to make sure you understand that we are licensing you this technology, not giving it to you. The agreement we send you is straight forward with no surprises so you know you are getting an incredible deal.
How are payments made each month? When? If you choose the 3-payment option, these payments are made by credit card or debit card automatically each month. The charge will go through each month from the day you signed up.
What is the $199 maintenance fee for? This fee applies AFTER the first year for your payment or deposit covers that fee for the first year. This fee covers our time to reset app technology connections, certificates and connections to the services your app use (push notification technology and developer accounts). This typical takes our team a few hours to handle each year so we need to charge this fee to cover those costs.

Who owns the content in the app? All content you input into your app through the web portal, all graphics you use to brand it to your business and the list and clients you build from your app is 100% your property. We only own the "code" behind the app that runs the platform but when it comes to the content and intellectual property you have that goes into it, that is yours!
How long does it take to launch an app? How long it takes really depends on how fast you take the steps to get what is needed to launch it on the app stores. We walk you through EVERY step of the process to create the look of the app by you simply answering questions and providing us with graphics we need. You'll then need to setup two app store accounts and then after that you'll just need to add content to your app through the web portal. We provide training and support for ALL of this. You do NOT need to be a tech genius to work with us to create your app.
Who launches the app on the app stores? Which app stores will they go under? We will handle the launch for you. When you app is ready and tested and reviewed by you, which you will do on your own phone before it's live, we then handle the process of submitting the app to the iPhone and Google Play (Android) app stores under your own accounts.

Setup a FREE Consultation Call

On This call we will discuss your specific business and needs in using an app that makes you money and generates better results in your business. Fill out the form below to setup a call.

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